Obama created his problems

By The Mercury

Nolan Carlson’s letter on July15 deserves a response. Basically, Mr. Carlson blames most of the attacks on and criti-cisms of President Obama on racism, prejudice, ignorance and that old standby, “It is George Bush’s fault” as well as the Republican Congress. If you have been paying attention for the past six years, nothing is ever the fault of our narcissistic president, whose favorite words are “I,” “me” and “my.”

It is wonderful for Mr. Carlson to bestow such compassion for the many thousands pouring over the Mexico-U.S. border from Central America, a result of an executive order from Obama that allows illegals to believe they will have amnesty.

It would be better to enforce the immigration laws for legal citizenship and send the illegals back. Speaking of executive orders, yes, Obama has issued fewer than Bush, but it isn’t the number, it is their effect and intent. Obama’s intent has been to rewrite laws to suit his ideology or political purpose, such as 37 changes to the Affordable Care Act. Mr. Carlson seems to have not noticed that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has blocked hundreds of bills from being voted on, and he is a Democrat.

It is NOT Republicans who have caused Obama’s dismal failure as president. He has done it by himself, with a little help from Eric Holder, Harry Reid, Kathleen Sebelius and Lois Lerner. Following is a small sample of why Obama is a failure:

• Benghazi, where a U.S. ambassador and three other Americans were killed in an attack on a U.S. consulate. Obama, Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice blamed the attack on a video. 

• The VA scandal, in which veterans have been denied treatment and executives falsified records to get bonuses.

• The scandal in which the IRS targeted conservative groups and email records vanished.

• Solyndra and other green energy firms received billions of federal dollars and went bust.

• Failure to OK the Keystone XL pipeline, which would provide thousands of jobs as well as more oil.

• The EPA crackdown, which will force coal companies out of business and increase Ameri-cans’ cost of living.

• The lack of transparency.

• Lowest employment rate in 40 years because 92 million dropped out of the work force.

• U.S. foreign policy is a total disaster. You name it — Syria, Iran, Israel , Russia, Ukraine, Egypt, Europe, etc.

• Race relations are far worse since Obama became president.

• Obamacare has proved to be a costly program that is creating more problems than it was supposed to solve.

The result of Obama’s agenda is a higher cost of living and an ever-growing number of people dependent on the government.

  Barack Obama is simply in a job way above his ability. Despite his thin resume, he got elected twice because the media and too many people looked for too much hope and got too much change….of the wrong kind.

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