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‘Not My President’ folks need to get on with life

By Letters to the Editor

To the Editor: I always read the “To the Editor” letters and, whether I agree or disagree, have never really felt the urge to respond, until now!

I wish to respond to Nolan Carlson’s letter, published on Wednesday, Dec. 28.

He claimed he was “again feeling like the Grinch.” Well, Mr. Grinch, I personally think you’re going to end up more like the Grinch that you realize!

As we all recall, the Grinch thought he could steal all the things he felt made Christmas come, when in fact, he finally came to realize, he couldn’t stop Christmas from coming at all!

When are you Obama lovers going to realize Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton a whole lot because way more people don’t think, as you do, that Obama and the politicians like Hillary were doing a great job? In fact, we felt it was way past time for a change!

And…unlike you, I just can’t imagine a scenario in which I could EVER, even in my worst nightmare, “yearn” for any more of Obama, and for that matter any of the candidates that sought to replace him! Furthermore, I want you to know, I DO NOT vote for anyone because of their party! I vote for the person I feel can do the best job!

As were many citizens of this great country, I was FED UP with eight years of the man some of you just can’t get over! And…I was very afraid of what Hillary Clinton getting elected could do to bring “more of the same” or even worse!

So, Mr. Grinch, like it or not, it’s about time you and all those other “Not My President” folks get on with life. And don’t be surprised if things work out a whole lot BETTER than you’re predicting!

Myron Ammeter 5501 High Meadow Dr.

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