My love affair with K-State

By Maura Wery

This week marked the beginning of K-State’s 2012-13 year. In years past, I would have been one of the thousands of students walking from my apartment to Anderson Avenue to get to campus.

Fighting with ISIS to figure out where my classes were because, let’s be honest, the last time you looked at them was when you enrolled in the spring.

Texting friends to figure out lunch breaks. Heading to Varney’s inside the union for last-minute book purchases, and mainly, just being happy to be back into a routine.

I (finally) graduated from K-State in May. This is the first time in my life that I am not going back to school. There were a few things that I won’t miss doing, but many others that I definitely will.

For example, I won’t miss paying $200 for books I rarely read. I won’t miss buying 8,000 pens only to be left with one by finals week.

I won’t miss all-nighters spent in Hale Library — 50 percent of which were spent on Facebook procastinating my already put-off work. I won’t miss homework, walking in 100-plus-degree heat or in snow, Kedzie Hall’s wacked-out HVAC system, or having to take geology… twice.

I will miss, however, how the trees look on campus in the fall and sitting in the grass, listening to music outside of Hale in the spring. I’ll miss eating Panda Express. Having my Friday radio show on The Wildcat 91.9. I’ll miss the people I saw in the same classes everyday.  The school spirit of homecoming.

I’m currently really hurting for my 2:30 p.m. nap, something I really should have cherished more at the times I took them.

I also miss waking up at 9 a.m.for my 10 a.m. classes. The 6:30 a.m. alarm is still something I’m not quite used too.

Most of all, I will miss being in Kedzie learning from some of my favorite professors.

For those who don’t know, the journalism school at K-State doesn’t lack in the number of students but has a small number of faculty in comparison to, say, the engineering school. Some might find that a bit of a downfall.

Personally, I loved it. It was like going back to school with your favorite teacher over and over again. Familiar faces and teaching styles clicked for me as a student.

I’ll miss having Andy Nelson telling me about camera angles. I’ll miss Bonnie Bressers telling me about her real-life experiences in a newsroom. I’ll miss Gloria Freeland, Dr. Balltrip, and every other professor I’ve ever had.

There are also a few things I never actually did at my time at K-State.

I never went to a home football game. I never saw anything at McCain Auditorium.

I’m hoping that with my new-found time and funds, I can make both of these things happen in my post-collegiate life, along with weekend trips to Kansas City, concerts at the Sprint Center, and just generally having a moment to breathe.

Even with all the perks of grown-up life, I still think I’m going to miss college.

It was a really exciting time. I grew in ways I never thought I would. So for those who are just beginning or in their final years, savor the time you have there. It goes by quickly, and you never know what you have until you aren’t there anymore.

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