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MIscellaneous questions - John Ball

By Corene Brisendine

1. Should the city extend non-discrimination protections to include sexual orientation? If so, should an exemption be permitted for religious beliefs?

No.  All people should be treated fairly, equally, and with respect. This cannot be achieved by using the coercive police power of government to elevate the rights of one behavior group over another.  In practice, this means taking rights from one group and giving those rights to another group usually generating unintended consequences.

2. To what extent would you favor exploration of inter-governmental consolidation?

I fully support exploring and studying ways to make city government more efficient and effective for the Manhattan taxpayer.  This would mean better services and support at a lower cost that then could be passed along in tax reductions.  There is certainly room for better collaboration and cooperation between the city and county governments, but consolidation would need to be carefully studied to ensure that there are not unintended consequences to either city or county citizens.

3. Do you think the city needs a vicious/dangerous breed ordinance?

No.  As of now, there does not seem to be a need.  I have not had the issue raised by anyone I have talked with.

4. Do you think the city needs to do more with gun control?

No.  As an NRA member and hunter, I have a constitutional right to own fire arms for recreation and protection.  I believe that Manhattan has sufficient gun ordinances in place now to provide reasonable control of fire arms.  I would support a review of the city’s gun ordinances to ensure that they are not too restrictive on law abiding citizens.

5. Should the city revisit a rental inspection program?

No, I don’t support the city government getting between the renter and the landlord. The person providing the service should work directly with the person buying the service.

6. Should the city build, expand or improve its Parks and Rec Department offices?

I’d have to look at the full requirement in coordination with the city’s budget to provide a final answer. I’d probably not support building a new building or expanding their current operation; however, I do support City Staff having adequate office space.  At a minimum, I would look at current city property and space in relation to the need and determine if there was a low cost solution to the requirement.  My solution would not require the city to increase debt or raise property tax. The city owns multiple properties in the community that are not being fully utilized and must be maintained at taxpayer expense.

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