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Mercury handled story of theater worker correctly

By Letters to the Editor

To the Editor:

Normally I tend to move on after reading the opinions of others, but sometimes a nerve that caffeine normally keeps calm pops out and just rubs the wrong way to where one just has to respond.

The editors of the Mercury are big boys and big girls with big britches and don’t need me defending their articles. And I respect the right of Jerrell Sweeney to opine on a topic near and dear to his military heart. But I gotta tell you, I felt the editors handled Megan May’s story correctly.

They took the high road and gave just enough information to get the story out to where I could understand the reasoning of Seth Child Theater exercising its right to release Ms. May for her comments on Facebook. She can express herself in this new wave of social media, but this Facebook generations needs to realize that with this “right” to blog, hashtag, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr, you have to accept the responsibilities of your speech.

Ms. May no doubt is of a younger generation, and there was no need for the Mercury to bash her scathing commentary, instead giving us readers enough information to connect the dots in a justified firing. I guess as we mature, wisdom and experience teach us not to take a person to task and let the youth dig themselves into social holes.

I have 36 total years combined in active duty and in the Reserves, and Ms. May has the right to not thank me. She even has the right to say that soldiers need to get a “real job.”

But Ms. May does need to respect her previous employer’s right to want to thank soldiers, KSU students or even the retired elderly who have worked all of their lives. Now I’ll admit to getting a chuckle when she seemed more interested in unemployment benefits after her dismissal.

Ryan R. Runyan

752 DeHoff

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