Manhattan High forensics team results

By The Mercury

The Manhattan High School forensics team took first place in one tournament and second place in two others in competition so far this semester.

The team, which competes in various public speaking and performance events, took first place at in Junction City Feb. 8-9, and second at both Shawnee Heights Jan. 25-26 and Emporia Feb. 8-9.

Here are top individual performers at those three tournaments:

Shawnee Heights

International Extemp: 1st – Jake Seaton; 4th – Lisa Zhu; 5th – Peter Sang

Domestic Extemp: 4th (tie) – Angel Zelazny and Robert Kobza; 6th – Jina Ok.

Impromptu: 1st – Jake Seaton; 6th – Robert Kobza

Original Oratation: 1st – Jake Seaton

Informative: 4th – Lisa Zhu

Dramatic Interpretation: 4th – Flora Riley; 5th – Abby Sarvis; 6th – Flora Riley

Humorous Interpretation: 4th – Trevor Bashaw; 5th – Xavier Hayden

Duo: 1st – Bashaw/Lanceta; 6th – Riley/Ball

Poetry: 2nd – Xavier Hayden; 3rd – Kyler Reith; 4th – Zane Hayden

Student Congress

Senate: Presiding Officer – Jake Seaton; 4th – Naomi McClendon

House: Presiding Officer – Jina Ok; 2nd – Peter Sang; 3rd – Robert Kobza; 4th – Trevor Bashaw; 5th – Lisa Zhu; 6th – Flora Riley

Novice House: Presiding Officer – Evan Heger; 1st – Niroop Rajashekar; 2nd – Kirkland Lambert; 3rd – Sriramana Sankar; 4th – Nathan McClendon; 5th – Sterling Edgar; 6th (tie) – Cathy Lei and Kristina Burton.


Lincoln-Douglas Debate: 1st – Jake Seaton; 5th – Gavin Larson; 6th – Reid Erdwien

Public Forum Debate:  5th – Blankeu/Rajashekar

International Extemp: 1st – Jake Seaton; 6th – Reid Erdwien

Original Oration: 1st – Jake Seaton

Informative:  5th – Naomi McClendon

Dramatic Interpretation:  3rd – Macy Lanceta

Humorous Interpretation: 1st – Trevor Bashaw; 2nd – Healey Heaton

Duet: 2nd – Hanna/Reith, 5th – Feng/Pellegrin; 7th – Sarvis/Reever

Poetry: 4th – Kyler Reith

Improvised Duet Acting: 3rd – Heaton/Ball

Student Congress

House 1: 2nd – Sriramana Sankar; 5th – Peter Sang; 6th – Angel Zelazny

House 2: 1st – Amir Esmaely; 3rd – Lisa Zhu

Novice House 1: Presiding Officer – Katherine Culberston; 2nd – Krista Burton; 3rd – Cathy Lei; 4th – Savannah Smith; 5th – Cailin Rusk; 6th – Kyle Thomas

Novice House 2: 2nd – Nathan McClendon; 3rd – Joseph Sell; 4th – Arnav Das; 5th – So Hiromasa; 6th – Sterling Edgar

Junction City

Lincoln-Douglas Debate: 2nd – Jake Seaton

International Extemp: 2nd – Jake Seaton; 6th – Lisa Zhu

Domestic Extemp:  2nd – Robert Kobza

Original Oration: 2nd – Jake Seaton; 6th – Cathy Lei

Dramatic Interpretation: 1st – Macy Lanceta; 2nd – Natalie Shank; 3rd – Flora Riley; 5th – Abby Sarvis

Humorous Interpretation: 1st – Haley Heaton; 2nd – Trevor Bashaw; 4th – Xavier Hayden; 5th – Hanna Hayden; 6th – Roxanne Gehring

Duo acting: 1st – Hayden/Heaton; 2nd – Bashaw/Lanceta

Duet: 3rd – Hanna/Reith; 4th – Pellegrin/Feng; 5th – Sarvis/Reever.

Poetry: 2nd – Zane Hayden

Prose: 6th – David Hazelwood

Student Congress

House 1: 3rd – Lisa Zhu; 4th – Flora Riley

House 2: 2nd – Jina Ok

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