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Liberals: Get used to it; Your candidate lost

By Letters to the Editor

To the Editor: Most Republicans find it interesting and even amusing that many Democrats/liberals/ progressives can not accept the reality that according to our system of government, the presidential candidate who wins 270 electoral votes is elected.
In the Jan. 4 Mercury, Christopher Renner and Turley Hayes were the latest to join the ranks of the Hollywood elites, Bruce Springsteen and the mainstream media to echo the Electoral College litany, and denounce Donald Trump to claim that because Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, she should be president.
Well, here is another fact. Yes, Hillary won the popular vote by 2,865,065. However, the margin was all in the state of California, where she garnered 7,362,490 votes and Trump got 3,916,208. That is a margin of 3,446,282. Take out California’s popular vote and Trump wins by 1.4 million votes: 58,474,444 to 57,064,520. Granted, this makes as much sense as Christopher Renner’s assertion that Trump lost by 11,094,159 votes. Thanks to our founding fathers, the liberal states on the East and West coasts don’t dictate to the majority of the country.
Hillary Clinton lost because she was a flawed candidate who didn’t even campaign in some swing states, such as Wisconsin. She lost because of Benghazi, Obamacare and private server emails. She also lost because Barack Obama divided the country by advancing a polarizing climate of identity politics with blacks, Hispanics, gays, LGBTs, rich vs poor, etc., which she pledged to carry on.
Obama’s legacy is a Democrat Party that is the weakest since 1928. Yes, the so-called smartest woman in the country lost, even with a supportive Hollywood, the mainstream media and spending about twice as much as Trump spent.
Get over it. She lost. Many of us had to get used to the horrible policies and administration of Barack Obama, but we didn’t require professional counseling.The“deplorables” voted where it counted.
Yes, American will be great again. Get used to it. Arthur F. Loub 1517 Williamsburg Drive

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