Let our students be taught instead of indoctrinated

By Letters to the Editor

To the Editor:

The Mercury editorial two Sundays ago, about the creation-evolution issue, conveyed a tone of exasperation with those of us who continue to dare to question the evolution world view. 

How dare we take the position that a sovereign intelligence is a more reasonable explanation for life and complexity than randomness plus time, a/k/a evolution.  Why don’t we just go away?

Although I have done my homework and can write vol-umes on the topic, let me respond with a simple proposition: Let us go pro-choice. Surely the abortionists should approve our adoption of their label because we should be allowed the freedom to hear all the pros and cons of each position and then choose for ourselves.  Moreover, because everyone’s tax dollars fund the public schools, require the science and biology classes to present strengths and weak-nesses for each side and settle the matter once and for all.

Let our students be taught, not indoctrinated. Give them the chance to weigh all the evidence and to choose which model better fits the facts.

Robert E. Mullin

Saint George

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