Ignorant nonsense ad infinitum

Sadly, some people really believe this stuff

By The Mercury

A submission came into letters@themerercury Tuesday evening from a gentleman from Alabama named Edwin Slaten. In the subject area he asked, “Do You Love America?”

Intrigued — and perhaps glad the email wasn’t from a British barrister telling us how we could acquire the fortune he was holding for us — we opened it. Mr. Slaten’s “Do You Love America?” tease led to, “If you do, you will print this as a guest column. If not, you are part of the problem.”

Well, we’re part of the problem. We won’t run his column, but a few exerpts may be instructive. He writes, “They say Columbus accidentally discovered this continent while searching for a short route to India. That is a bald-faced lie. Columbus was a Christian and he believed that God was guiding him to a continent to establish a nation whose laws were based upon the Word of God.”

He goes from Columbus, Queen Isabella and our solidly Christian America to Abraham, Israel and God’s inspired U.S. support for Israel. Alas, he says, “Anyone with a properly functioning mind can easily see that the morals set forth in God’s word are no longer active in America and we no longer support Israel.”

Not only are we part of his problem, but we also apparently don’t have a properly functioning mind.

Then he gets to the point:

“Why do we no longer support Israel? Because our pretend president is a Muslim and Muslims are the descendants of Abraham’s illegitimate son Ishmael, and their No. 1 goal is to destroy Israel and ALL Christians. A person has to be willfully blind not to recognize that Obama is working diligently to accomplish that goal.”

Add willful blindness to our other flaws.

We don’t know where Mr. Slaten gets his information — or his inspiration. For all we know, he might teach graduate courses in philosophy. Or might be no more real than the British barrister safeguarding our future windfall.

But for reasons we don’t understand — unless it comes down to raw bigotry — there are plenty of Mr. Slatens out there who continue to spew this nonsense, this garbage, and who prefer their alternate realities to the truth.

We’d like to think it is possible to oppose President Obama and work for his defeat in November without accusing him of being a Muslim in an effort to paint him as violent or anti-American.

That simply cannot be allowed. Those allegations are as unfair to Muslims —many of whom are U.S. citizens and some of whom have participated in both the Republican and Democratic conventions — as they are to the president.

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