Happy Mother’s Day

By The Mercury

It’s Mother’s Day, and we have nothing but good wishes for the mothers, grandmothers, great- and great-great grandmothers and mothers who don’t fit into those categories.

In observing this happy occasion, we acknowledge that every mother in America already knows about it. We’re less certain of the husbands of today’s honorees, and that doubt extends to adult children who were depending on their forgetful fathers to remind them. We wouldn’t want to be in their shoes today.

The hardest thing about Mother’s Day — though that’s hardly a challenge — could be remembering that it comes the second Sunday in May. Even folks who can’t read a calendar will have had to go to considerable lenths to miss all the newspaper and television ads. Some television game shows had Mother’s Day themes this week.

For husbands and children who don’t forget what day it is, the rest is a snap, as easy as pie — mom’s, of course. That’s because mothers — at least mothers of our acquaintance — aren’t overly demanding when it comes to Mother’s Day.

Most moms like cards — though some like cards that make them laugh and others like the mushy ones. And most moms like candy of the chocolate persuasion. What’s more, they usually like chocolate in only small amounts, so if you go overboard — intentionally or otherwise —  chances are she’ll share.

Moms also like flowers, and savvy husbands know which varieties. Moms love phone calls from children who live too far away to visit. Moms enjoy hearing from these progeny any day, but Mother’s Day makes the calls special. (Moms also appreciate it when husbands remind children to call, though moms would rather believe the reminder wasn’t necessary.)

Moms we know also don’t mind having a day off — as in off from picking up after the folks she shares her home with, finding car keys, doing the assorted chores that wouldn’t get done unless she does them and, of course, cooking and the dishes. Backyard grilling has long been an approved way for the menfolk to handle the cooking on Mother’s Day — as well as an excuse to buy steak. It has the additional virtue of cutting down, though not eliminating, dishes.

And, like other creatures, mothers enjoy a healthy dose of TLC, and Mother’s Day is as good an occasion as any for her loved ones to indulge her. After all, there’s nobody more deserving.

Happy Mother’s Day.

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