Happy Mother’s Day

There isn’t much they’re not entitled to

By Walt Braun

We know women who are enjoying their first Mother’s Day, and we know women who have enjoyed Mother’s Day long enough for their children to become adults. We also know women who have daughters — and even granddaughters — who have reason to enjoy Mother’s Day.

We’re delighted for them all. And we hope that if they wanted to sleep in this morning, they did, although there’s a good chance the household didn’t function quite the same during their slumber.

The way we look at it, there isn’t much mothers aren’t entitled to, especially today. That includes a designated gofer — even if it’s the guy who will be honored on the third Sunday of next month. If she wants it, mom ought to have breakfast in bed, lunch prepared by someone else and dinner at the restaurant of her choice.

If she wants them, she ought to have chocolates, flowers, cards and something to add to her wardrobe. And at least one day a year, she ought not have to lift a finger in her own behalf, run a single errand or do something for someone else. As much as mothers deserve these treats and more, we can’t think of many moms who’d want all that — or who would even know what to do with it. Nice as it all sounds, a lot of moms are more comfortable doing their own tidying up, if only because they’ll be certain it’s done to their standard. Most moms we know, even those who are plenty busy at other jobs, like and even need to keep busy at home. And most of the people who benefit from the 1,001 things moms do would prefer it that way.

Moms might or might not bring money or discipline into a home, but they are the individuals who make homes homey. The place simply wouldn’t be the same without her scent, her touch or her voice — whether it is scolding or soothing. Moms know how to draw the best out of each family member and they have a knack for turning up articles of clothing no one else can find. How they manage to do all this while making those around them feel loved is a mystery, but it’s a happy mystery.

Moms — whether they’re in the next room, across town or across the country — deserve a lot more than most of us can give them. If the best we can do is a phone call or a nice card or a warm hug, that would be good enough. But the flowers, chocolates and even breakfast in bed are worth a try.

We wish all moms — young and not so young — a wonderful Mother’s Day.

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