Halloween birthday an extra treat

By Sarah Midgorden

I think it’s probably every little kid’s dream that their birthday lasts longer than one day. A whole week would be ideal.

In some ways, having my birthday on Halloween was like that growing up.

I was basically guaranteed three days of celebration, depending on what day of the week the holiday fell. The Sunday before or after, whichever was closest, was for a family party at lunch after church.

Then there was always the birthday party for all my friends. I always begged to have a sleepover party when I was in elementary school, and my parents, bless their souls, obliged every year.

Probably the best birthday party I had was when Halloween actually fell on a Friday. It only happened once in my sleepover party years that I can remember. Not only did I get to have a sleepover, but I also got to go trick-or-treating with my friends.

I’m convinced my parents have the patience of saints for wrangling about 10 9-year-old little girls as we went from house to house.

Even though it wasn’t exactly entirely about me, getting to trick-or-treat with my brother and parents seemed like a third party. I mean, getting a bag full of candy sounds like a pretty good present even now that I’m getting ready to turn 25.

Since Halloween was also my birthday, choosing a costume was serious business. These costumes would be documented in numerous photos that would eventually probably come back to haunt me.

My costume of choice was usually a princess, complete with tiara and jewels, or a bride in a lacy white dress. There were a couple years of being a Chiefs cheerleader when I was little, but that was mostly because my brother was a football player and I wanted to match him.

Probably one of my favorite costumes was one of the years I was able to combine my princess and my bride costumes. I convinced my mom to order me Princess Jasmine’s wedding dress from “Aladdin.” It was the best of both worlds.

Probably the only damper was that it was always so cold in Missouri on Halloween. This meant there was the annual argument with my mom about having to wear a turtleneck under my costume, or a jacket over it. I usually complied when threatened with having to stay home.

Family friends in the neighborhood usually knew it was my birthday, so sometimes that resulted in extra candy, which seemed amazing at the time. One year, some teenagers down the street decided to give me extra Spree packets since it was my birthday, loading my bag with handful after handful of these little candies.

Spree used to be one of my favorite candies, but I ate myself sick on them that year. I don’t think I’ve touched one since.

As you’d expect, having a birthday on a holiday has only one major downside: people want to celebrate the holiday and not just you. (How rude!)

My parents do have some embarrassing home video footage of me on my second birthday, shot through the window as everyone else was lighting the pumpkins, sitting at the table all alone eating my cake and ice cream.

At 2 years old, understandably, that was the most important thing.

As I reach this 25th birthday, I’m thankful for the extended celebrations that I was able to have growing up, even though birthday parties are a thing of the past.

Except for Grandma making me a special birthday lunch the Sunday closest to my birthday, that is.

So this Halloween, feel free to send me lots of birthday wishes — just no Spree. please.

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