Fuzzy’s Taco Shop gives variety for not a lot of cash

By Maura Wery

When I first heard that the local icon — Hibachi Hut — was closing its doors and giving the keys to a chain restaurant, I was less than pleased.

I really hate to see any local restaurant get replaced by a chain, but I heard good things about Fuzzy’s Taco Shop, which is located in the same location at 606 N. 12th St.

I have family and friends who lived near the taco shop’s base in Texas. They sang its praises, one of the Texans was extremely jealous of the fact we were getting one, while Fuzzy’s was moving away from a location near them.

When the shop opened here around a month ago, I heard about the insane lines and the food, which ranged from “This is the best thing ever,” to “Meh.”

So after months of hearing the hype and not-so-great remarks, not to mention fellow reporter Bethany Knipp telling me the food was delicious, I broke down and went to try it myself.

My first reaction to Fuzzy’s happened just walking in the door. The walls are very bright and vibrant, and it looks different from Hibachi Hut. You choose your own seating and it all seems very laid back, like the traditional Baja taco shacks in California and Texas from which it drew inspiration.

The setup of the restaurant is much like local favorite Cox Bros. Barbecue. There is a menu board listing the choices for entrees, you go up to the register and order your food, then pick it up at a different station.

Oddly enough, for a Mexican themed restaurant, there are a lot of choices.

You’ll find traditional fares: tacos, enchiladas and fajitas; but there are also sandwiches, salads and burritos.

You can get items a la carte or in plates that come with two sides. I went ahead and did the taco combo ($6.19), which comes with two soft or crunchy tacos and two sides.

Along with options for the vessel of your meal, there is abundant choice for meats: beef, chicken, veggie and even fried and grilled fish.

I prefer lighter meats for my tacos, so I had the shredded chicken and grilled fish. The sides are the standard rice and beans with a few twists. The two most unique items were the mix-Mex rice — a Mexican twist on fried rice — and the Borracho beans, a mixture of pinto beans cooked in beer, bacon and a mix of spices.

When I got my plate, I was surprised at how much food I was getting for less than $10. I had two tacos loaded high with meats, cheese, tomatoes and lettuce. Then I had two sides that were also great portions.

I had it all for lunch and it was more than enough.

The tacos had great flavor. On the table there was something called “Butt burning sauce,” a kind of house salsa. I poured it generously over my tacos — but it wasn’t quite as “burning” as the name suggested.

It was all pretty delicious, especially for the price.

The shop features some alcoholic beverages and late hours, so it fits in great with the Aggieville crowd which loves the nightlife and wants a bite to eat later than you’d find at a normal restaurant.

Fuzzy’s fits well price-wise with students, too.

So, am I still sad to see a local icon lose it’s spot? Of course. Part of me will always associate that building with Hibachi Hut, but if I had to choose a chain restaurant to move in there, I’m pretty sure Fuzzy’s would have been the one.

It’s a great fit for the location and there is definitely proof in the pudding. From the food to the popularity, Fuzzy’s is definitely worth the hype.

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