Front page should give us news, not editor’s musings

By Letters to the Editor

To the Editor:

The most endearing charac-teristic of the people of Manhattan has been, for me, their spontaneous response to cir-cumstances of townfolk in crisis. The Manhattan Mercury alerted us on its front page of the needs and kept us posted as the crisis was dealt with.

What an important part of the community its newspaper is. It is the heartbeat of the community, attesting to others what folks care about, the extent of their caring and how it is expressed.

I chose to relocate to Manhat-tan 25 years ago because the Mercury, especially its front page, gave the impression of a town with people whose lives were busy and caring. No one had to be glued to Twitter, as occurs now, to fill their empty hours. Folks were busy doing worthwhile things, and our newspaper reported their doing so on its front page.

With our country’s economic crisis, which affects local lives, I’d love to read front-page stories about what good hearts are doing to try to relieve suffering. This is a time for Manhattan’s character to shine so that as others check out our Little Apple, they may know us at our best.

It is not exactly a novelty to have an editor of a newspaper. Hopefully, he will eventually be interested in getting to know us instead of believing he must impart to us every thought that crosses his mind and we must hang on Twitter lest we miss any of his musings.

But folks who need Twitter to fill their empty lives now know where to find the new editor, so it should be safe for our front page to be used to report news of how good-hearted people are trying to make life a little easier for folks who have been dealt more hardship than they deserve. We are a community of thinking, caring humans who in crisis, rise to their best. So let our front page tell us about them.

Helen Roser

P.O. Box 1814

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