Freshman trying to balance newfound freedom, studying

By Paul Harris

Three days into his life as a college student, freshman Nate Day is finding a balance.

The first couple days had been overwhelming for the freshman from Oklahoma City. Day spent those days trying to meet new people, learn the location of his classes and adapt to being on his own for the first time in his life.

Day said Wednesday he is still in the process of navigating his way across campus.

While the adaptation may be frustrating at times, Day said he is enjoying the newfound freedom and the challenge of college-level classes.

“It is much better (than high school),” Day said. “I like it a lot.”

Day admitted that he did not study a lick in high school, but that will have to change. He has repeated several times in this first week that he is going to have to stay on top of his academics to be successful during his first semester on campus. 

He said the biggest challenge thus far has been trying to balance his schedule. Unlike high school, where every class is scheduled back-to-back, Day now has to combat free time. He said he is having to constantly push himself to study instead of hanging out with friends, watching television or relaxing.

“I’m not a self-motivated person, but I’m going to have to be,” Day said.

Day is keeping as balanced of a schedule as possible. He has gotten up to eat breakfast on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Due to ongoing air conditioning problems in his dorm room, Day slept at a friend’s place again Wednesday night. He said a maintenance person did stop by his dorm room Wednesday to take a look at the unit. The maintenance guys think they have the problem fixed and Day’s air conditioning unit could be up and running very soon.

His social scene may be picking up. Day stayed off of the soccer field — his initial evening haunt — Wednesday night in favor of hanging out his roommate and a couple of girls he met at Ford Hall.

Day said he is going to have to make up for the missed time and do homework during his free time today.

Day found out Wednesday that needs to turn in a 600-word essay on Friday for an English class on the subject of who has been the biggest influence on his life. He was going to begin typing the paper during one of his other Thursday morning classes.

Trying to balance 15 hours of classes and a heavy social calendar can be difficult for most freshmen. Day said he did not get much sleep during high school, so working on little sleep is nothing new for him.

Another adjustment is taking advantage of all of the giveaways on campus.  “I try to take whatever I can,” Day said. “I’m taking advantage of the free stuff.”

Free water bottles were a hot item across campus the past several days as temperatures either hit or came close to triple digits.

The lure of free items and air conditioning has drawn Day to the K-State student union over the past couple days. He hasn’t tried bowling or other activities there, yet, but adds that it also seems to be a good place to meet people.

Day has two classes tomorrow before he closes out his first week as a college student. Despite the challenges, Day is ready to start his second week.

“I feel phenomenal,” Day said. “I’m excited about the future.”

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