Flowers? Chocolate? Yes, please!

The Great Valentine's Day debate

By Megan Moser

I don’t get why there are so many Valentine’s Day haters.

Maybe if you’re single, a holiday dedicated to romance reminds you that you have only your cat to keep you warm at night.

Does that alone justify being bitter about Valentine’s Day? Is it reason to begrudge those of us who do have spooning buddies? I think not.

I don’t see any downside to a holiday devoted to love (and not just romantic love, in my opinion, but love in all its forms).

Sure it’s commercialized, but so are most holidays. Sure, it can be corny, but so can most holidays.

But even if you can’t get past the heart-shaped chip on your shoulder, here are a few reasons I think Valentine’s Day is a good thing no matter your dating status.

1. It gets you through the winter


February is the most bleak and depressing part of winter. It comes after all the excitement from the holiday season has worn off, but spring is still way off in the distance.

Thank goodness, then, for Valentine’s Day, a beacon of hope and cheer in a dark, cold time.

Embrace the punny cards you share with co-workers. Enjoy the vinyl-cling cupids stores use to adorn their windows. Without them, it’s a long time between New Year’s and St. Patty’s Day.


2. Flowers and chocolate


No matter who buys them (even your mother or yourself), Valentine’s Day is a good excuse to enjoy sweet smells and sweet tastes — no partner necessary. If you don’t like flowers or chocolate, well, then I’m sorry for you.

Partake of whatever indulgence makes you feel good: a nice dinner, a bubble bath, a “Downton Abbey” marathon. It’s all up to you.


3. It gives you a reason to share your feelings


Platonic, familial or hubba-hubba, here’s an occasion to let people know the nature of your love. Even if you’re not a touchy-feely person, on Valentine’s Day you can offer a token of your friendship/affection/attraction without too much trouble.

Life’s short. Sometimes holidays like this just remind us to show people we care.

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