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Father-daughter dental practice brings family together

By Bryan Richardson

“You guys still like each other?”

That’s a tease the father-daughter duo of Errol and Ellen Remsing sometimes hear at their business, Advanced Dental Arts at 4201-A Anderson Ave.

They started it in 2006.

“We built it together and started from scratch,” Errol said.

It’s a true family business with a son-in-law (Travis Wymer), daughter (Emily Snively) and Errol’s wife and mother of the four children (Mary) also taking part.

“I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a negative reaction about that,” Errol said. “They hear other family members are here, and it’s even more positive.”

Ellen said some people come specifically because of the family involvement and how well she works with her father.

“I’m left-handed, he’s right-handed, so it’s harder from him to do things on the left-hand side,” she said.

“So we’ll switch and help each other out,” Errol said.

Ellen said not everybody has a smooth transition when beginning to work with family, but they’ve been able to get the match.

“I feel fortunate we can keep that father-daughter relationship intact, but we have a really good professional relationship as well,” she said.

Much of that father-daughter relationship was cultivated in Alaska, where the Remsings lived until 1994.

“I’ve always enjoyed spending time with my dad,” Ellen said. “We’re able to converse easily.”

The times spent together included waving at her mom as she flew with her dad in a bush plane or watching movies with popcorn and milkshakes.

“He’s always been very playful with us,” Ellen said. “Still is.”

She said her dad has always been available for whatever she has needed.

“I never felt I couldn’t talk to my dad about things — heck, even relationships because he’s a guy,” she said.

Errol said he wasn’t shy about talking with his children if he felt they needed to hear something from him.

“A lot of times in relationships, if I saw something that was not headed good, I’d give my opinion,” he said. “I was never afraid to give my opinion.”

Ellen nodded her head in approval as Errol listed some of the ways he tried to help his children.

Errol said he wanted them to stay safe and teach them fiscal responsibility but wasn’t overprotective.

“I also wanted them to learn by hard knocks, so I don’t didn’t protect them from some things,” he said. “I’d say something and let it go. I wasn’t really bad about saying ‘I told you so’ because I knew they would learn.”

Ellen said she wasn’t pushed into dentistry but decided as a freshman in college she wanted to study it.

“Before that, I really didn’t have anything set as far as being a dentist,” she said. “I knew I wanted to go into the medical field.”

Ellen’s “dream scenario” of working with her father wasn’t likely back then.

“I never thought I’d work with my dad because he was retired at the time,” Ellen said.

Errol said he was working part-time until the opportunity to work with Ellen came.

“That was incentive for me to go back into a full-time practice,” he said. “It was a dream for me, too.”

Errol said he’s lucky to have a situation with his daughter that hasn’t produced any conflict.

“I would not have done this if I didn’t have confidence it would be that way,” he said. “I know her work ethic, so there was never hesitation.”

Ellen said she inherited her work ethic from him.

“He’s an incredibly hard worker, and I saw that from day one,” she said.

“I just want to see the traits that make me successful passed down and continued,” Errol said.

Errol said he loves the opportunity to pass along his experience.

“It’s hard to put into words,” he said. “It gives me a lot of pride.”

Sunday will involve a Father’s Day barbecue and family get together for the father of four and grandfather of five.

Errol said many things can come and go, but family stays.

“One of the things I always wanted to pass on was a close family,” Errol said.

“Done,” Ellen replied.

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