“Expressions” need to be spelled out in stories

By Letters to the Editor

To the Editor:

What is a “sac fly” or a “drivers ed”? Both of these “expressions” were used this past week in The Mercury.

My opinion, but isn’t a newspaper supposed to show some adherence to proper English? I didn’t fall off of the turnip wagon yesterday; however, both of these expressions are not what I expect from my newspaper.

Oh, you say that it takes too much time to spell it all out…that is a copout. You can set up a word processor program or email program on a computer to convert an abbreviated set of keystrokes into the proper word or phrase.

Big-time editors don’t capitalize acronyms anymore because it takes too much time to use the SHIFT key on the keyboard. This is another copout for the same reasons given above.

Also, does “drivers ed” teach budding drivers to blink the turn signal only once when changing lanes and to do it when you are straddling the stripe between lanes? Sure seems that this is so…it happens often on US24 east of Manhattan.

We were taught to not change lanes until the car being passed was visible in your rearview mirror and to signal BEFORE you changed lanes, NOT by looking over our shoulder. Looking over the shoulder seems to cause the driver to return to the lane too soon and with little clearance in front of the car being passed.

Again, drive on US24 east of Manhattan and see it happen. I do not believe that “drivers ed” teaches this, but watch, it happens a lot…and usually it is young drivers

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