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Exercise book has everything health-conscious people need

By A Contributor

Once you feel energy slipping away, it can be a real struggle to get it back.

Many people assume that physical activity by itself is the main solution to achieve a sense of total well-being. If this were true, then why has the practice of meditation been so predominant among all age groups?

What’s more, a wide variety of yoga classes are being taught to kids, men and women, and the elderly.

Even four-legged ‘Fido’ or ‘Kitty’ can practice the asanas along with their humans. With yoga, you never know what to expect. Next in line is something I’ve heard the experts call yoga surfing.

Well, it sure doesn’t sound boring to me, and maybe that’s the whole concept: to keep an open mind, try something fresh and stay positive. Moods, you see, have a lot to do with feeling good and bad about ourselves.

If daily living loses its thrills, relaxation does not come easy and your ‘idea’ of exercise consists of a short trip to the backyard bench, then perhaps a change in your routine can help.

A great way to begin is by obtaining a copy of “The Complete Guide to Yoga, Pilates, Meditation & Stress Relief.” This newly-updated edition by Parragon is slick, uncomplicated and very much worth the time to explore.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an advanced pupil or follower of Hatha yoga or a form of powerhouse conditioning developed by Joseph Pilates, known as Pilates. Anyone can accomplish mindfulness through the exercises presented in this magnificent volume.

The Parragon publishers have put out numerous guides or books related to promoting good health, and I believe this particular guide offers the best examples, descriptions, terminology, charts and progression of exercises. Eager readers can start anywhere in the book to focus on the four therapies. If tension is a persistent problem, the chapter on stress relief could help a person to feel more calm.

It might interest people to read about celebrities who have embraced Pilates, yoga and/or meditation. Stars such as Madonna, actresses and athletes have adopted Pilates as their favorite system of exercise. And a big plus is that one does not have to be a ‘Hercules’ to adopt this lifestyle exercise.

Throughout the book are excellent explanations of the four therapies.

Pilates, for example, is based on working different muscles to tone and condition the body while focusing on good posture, correct breathing, balance and the improvement of muscle/joint flexibility.

At times, all four therapies can intersect. For instance, breathing, concentration and harmony can be achieved through yoga and Pilates.

By applying the lessons from this book, people can challenge themselves in unique ways. If exercises look too demanding, people can skip them. They can go at their own pace, and, if they wish, they can work up to the exercises that appear most challenging. Guidelines from the book also stress for people to not overdo or overstretch.

“The Complete Guide to Yoga, Pilates, Meditation & Stress Relief” has another purpose: to help people think creatively. Changing our thoughts can change our lives. Wisdom of the body is equal to a happier way of being.

A powerful message can be found within the chapter’s headline, “Be Mindful With Your Thoughts”:

“Our successes and failures are not caused by ‘the world out there,’ but by our inner world. By exploring our inner world and bringing it into consciousness, we can understand the hidden agendas through which we create our reality. We don’t have to spend years in psychoanalysis to ‘find ourselves….’”

In other words, the mind has the power to bring about changes in the physical body. And by releasing the mind from negative conditioning can a total and positive transformation take shape.

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