Dear crack cocaine users

A bad day for the drug culture

By The Mercury

The arrest of 90 – maybe more —  persons this week in area drug raids is one of the more stupefying events to have entered recent local public discussion. Stupefying because illegal drug use is such a dangerous activity that it’s hard to understand how ostensibly smart young adults fall into the habit.

Of course one ought not to presume that these particular 90 were each and all of them guilty of the charged crimes — that’s for the courts to figure out. But unless local law enforcement is utterly off base, a prevalent local drug culture and problem has been exposed and underscored.

It is to that culture that the following is addressed.

You paid how much, $15, $20 a rock, right? What in the name of Sam Jonas Hill are you thinking? Crack cocaine? Seriously? Do you even now what’s in that stuff? It could be anything, man. We’re presuming here that you didn’t buy it from a reputable pharmacist…you got it from a street vendor, huh? News flash…that vendor mixed it himself in a superbly unsterile backroom environment, or bought it from somebody who did. They went cheap — which means impure and dangerous — on the ingredients, too, because that’s how they make money.

Yeah, we know what you’re saying…they’re careful how they mix the stuff because they want your repeat business. Sure, homey, keep believing that right up till they lay you out in the hospital or morgue. Read the numbers: ninety arrests — and that’s just the guys who got caught. Nobody’s more replaceable than you are, homey…nobody. There’s all kinds of suckers out on the street, even these streets. As amazing as it sounds, some of them are even stupider than you. Your agent…he’s not your buddy. He’s in it for the money. In fact, next time you see him — if it isn’t in court — ask him a question: Would he take the stuff he just sold to you?

Partner, the best thing that could happen to you is what just happened to 90 of our brothers and sisters: Getting busted. In the real world, we call that an intervention. Sudden, uncomfortable, unwelcome…but good for you. Good for us, too, because in order to raise that $10, $20 or $30 your rock cost you, some of you were breaking into houses and heisting our stuff that you sold for cash. So now we’re more secure and you’re actually better off.

See, everybody won this week.

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