Concealed carry, open carry rules are hard to get straight

By Letters to the Editor

To the Editor:

I am afraid I am a bit confused by the new concealed and open carry rules.

As I understand it, if I have a concealed carry license, I can carry in places where I cannot open-carry if I don’t have the concealed carry license. 

First of all, does this mean you can open-carry in those places if you have a concealed carry license? Second, I cannot see how this is at all constitutional.

Obviously, there will be those who argue that concealed carry makes them better gun owners, which, as we all know, is complete malarkey. One does not know what kind of gun owner a non-concealed carry citizen is or might be. And, what if one of those concealed carriers is crazy… How do I protect myself if I am denied my constitutional right to keep and bear arms when I go to vote early?

The whole unconstitutional part of this is that I have to pay a total of $150 to do what many, like the NRA, say I have a constitutional right to do. What if I don’t have $150?

Are constitutional rights only for the rich? Do I have to pay for freedom of speech? Do I have to pay for freedom of religion? Who do I have to pay to keep from an unreasonable search? And Kris, who and where do I pay to retain my right to vote?

Just call me Confused and Worried… “Caw,” for short!

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