Birther Chronicles: California edition

Out-of-state zealot wants case resurrected

By The Mercury

It’s been an educational September. Earlier this month, Kansans learned that there’s such a thing as the Kansas Objections Board, which meets as needed to handle complaints about ballot issues.

That’s important because there was a doozy of a complaint from a Manhattan man named Joe Montgomery. He alleged that President Barack Obama was not a U.S. citizen because his father was not a citizen and said the president’s name should be removed from the November ballot.

Mr. Montgomery withdrew his complaint last Friday while the board awaited documents pertaining to the president’s birth certificate. Then last Monday, the day the board dismissed the case, Kansans who had much better things to do learned about a woman named Orly Taitz. She’s a California lawyer and dentist who unsuccessfully sought the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate to run against Sen. Dianne Feinstein. Dr. Taitz’s credentials in the birther universe dwarf those of Mr. Montgomery. Dr. Taitz, the self-professed “queen of the birthers” — take that, Michele Bachmann — attended the Objections Board’s meeting Monday at which Secretary of State Kris Kobach, with no evidence suggesting that President Obama was not a citizen and with Mr. Montgomery having withdrawn his complaint, closed the matter.

It stayed closed until Thursday, when Dr. Taitz, who didn’t get to say as much as she wanted at Monday’s meeting, sued to get another opportunity to speak. On behalf of a Kansas resident named Roger Walters, and citing “overwhelming evidence of the elections fraud by Mr. Obama,” Dr. Taitz picked the scab off of this wound, which had just begun to heal. She wants an emergency stay of the board’s decision.  It’s scheduled for Oct. 3.

Her lawsuit, which names Mr. Kobach and the Objections Board as defendants, claims the president is using a phony Social Security number from Connecticut and alleges “forgery and fraud” associated with his birth certificate. Her suit also says she submitted this information to Mr. Kobach on Monday, and adds that Mr. Montgomery couldn’t withdraw his complaint because he did so “under duress.”

It’s duress many Kansans are beginning to share. Not that we aren’t flattered that Dr. Taitz has seen fit to grace the Sunflower State with her zeal. She found the time earlier in the campaign to compare the president to Stalin and send documents to the governors of all 50 states and all U. S. senators accusing Obama of libel, harassment, impersonating a military officer, libel, breaking into the U.S. Supreme Court’s computer system and other assorted foul deeds.

Yet if Kansas must be host to such weirdos, we ought to go all out and invite The Donald.

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