Birthday bash with Tex, Nancy and Brian

By Larry Weigel

Thanks to all who sent birthday greetings to Tex on his 91st birthday! Tex was thrilled with all the cards he received and he was opening many of them just before Ron Frank and I arrived for our visit.  Ron took all the pictures that are included with this update.

Tex checking out his Baskin Robbins Triangle cake and Nancy looking at all the cards received from members of the Triangulate News group.

I wrote a song for Tex called “Get to the Line”.  It refers to the most important principle of the Triangle Offense called the line of deployment.  In my opinion, it’s the reason why Tex won eight Big 8 Championships with Kansas State and ten NBA championships with Phil Jackson while sitting by his side as his assistant for the Chicago Bulls and LA Lakers… and the 11th- Phil won when Tex was retired in Oregon watching the Lakers on T.V.  The line of deployment is an imaginary line bisecting the goal from the wing position at a 45 degree angle.

Tex designed three options for the low post to execute depending how the defender is playing him and if executed properly, the offensive player has the advantage.  If the defender plays behind, a turnaround or fall away jump shot is available.  If the defender plays on the high side, the wing makes an entry pass to the baseline side… and bingo- a layup. If the defender plays on the baseline side, the pass goes to the guard at the top of the circle, and the post man seals his defender on his hip and steps in the lane for a pass and can shoot a hook shot.  If the defender fronts the low post, the over the top pass is available.  This is one of the most misunderstood principles in the game because often times teams post their center in the wrong position near the baseline and by doing so eliminate all three options Tex designed. Also many teams try to make the entry pass from the guard position at the top of the key…again… bad idea- leading to turnovers.  The pass must be made from the wing to use the angle and then the line of deployment concept allows the low post three options to score.

Thanks again to all who helped make this a special day.

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