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Accusing political foes of racism detracts from genuine issues

By Letters to the Editor

To the Editor:
On Monday, Dec. 20, the Mercury printed a letter to the editor stating that racism is a driving force behind criticism of the Obama administration.

Divisive language such as this is popular among propagandists throughout history; from the Japanese lying to their citizens about the horrors of the Americans during World War II (resulting in mass suicides by Japanese as American troops landed on Pacific islands) to Russia’s Vladmir Putin recently calling Sen. John McCain “crazy.” In every instance, these propagandists have turned to aggressive and childish language rather than choosing to discuss facts with those who disagree with them.

The continued claims of racism against those of us who don’t agree with the Obama administration add nothing constructive to the political conversation. Granted, while there are certainly extremists on both sides, the majority of conservatives could not care less about our president’s race. We are concerned about the apparent takeover of the health care system, the continued class warfare rhetoric and what we consider to be an attack on capitalism.

To respond to our willingness to debate our conservative ideals with you by calling us “racist” is abhorrent and uncalled for. Whether it stems from ignorance or any other reason is irrelevant.  I would like to call upon all Kansas residents (including the Mercury) to not only not participate in divisive language such as this but to ignore it altogether. Just as a common solution to a bully is to ignore it, I urge us to ignore language such as this and focus on the real issues this upcoming political season. While we certainly don’t have to agree on an issue, let us at least act like adults while discussing it.

Philip Baker

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